Multidisciplinary artist. Conceptually, my work often deals with the body—both physical and social—as well as
the corresponding ideas of consumption, excess, and transformation.

I was born 1980 in Västerås, Sweden. I have lived in (in the following order): Västerås (SE), Pittsburgh (US),
Stockholm (SE), Sala (SE), Färjestaden/Öland (SE), Bergen (NO), Portland/Oregon (US), Melbourne (AU),
Umeå (SE). Some of these places I've come back to mutiple times.

I mention all of this because shifting around continuously has begun to seriously affect both my art
and my outlook on life in general. In 2020 I graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the Umeå Academy
of Fine Arts, and I am currently based in Melbourne (AU). I also keep a studio at ArtWrk Factory in Västerås (SE).

I've worked on several artist run gallery projects, including The Basement in Västerås (2005-2007).
I've also worked with co-arranging larger exhibitions/salons, done jury work for art academies and exhibitions,
as well as various curating jobs. I am currently working as a volunteer at KINGS Artist-Run in Melbourne, AU.

I'm a member of The Swedish Artists' Association: KRO, and BUS.

I sometimes do an audiovisual DJ/VJ set under the name FAUX RABBIT.


2018-2020 Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Sweden. Master of Fine Arts.
2014-2017 University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art, Norway. Bachelor of Fine Arts.
2016 Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon, U.S. Exchange semester.
2013-2014 Ölands Folkhögskola, Sweden. Konstskolan 2 / Art School 2.
2005-2006 Skinnskattebergs Folkhögskola, Sweden. Estetisklinje / Aesthetical programme.

SOLO OR DUO EXHIBITIONS (duo when mentioned)

2022 They Made a Meme Out of My Legacy, BLINDSIDE, Melbourne, Australia.
2018 A Hollow Ever After - Long live the new flesh, The Contemporary Garage, Örebro, Sweden.
2018 Swedisms, Galleri Gotland, Visby, Sweden.
2017 Oz-cillations, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2016 Head Swap >< Swap Head, Ytan, Västerås, Sweden.
2016 Unearthing, Tethered Cord, Portland, Oregon, U.S. (with Margaret Parsons).
2015 Absorbia, Galleri Fisk, Bergen, Norway.
2014 I'll Be Your Mirror, Arvika Konsthall, Sweden.
2013 MASKED / UNMASKED, Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5, Oslo, Norway (with Simone Kuhs).
2012 Isolation Nation / Whitescapes, Galleri K, Västerås, Sweden.
2011 Travershallen, Augélimuseet, Sala, Sweden (with Simone Kuhs).
2011 Handmade, Nyköping, Sweden (with Simone Kuhs).
2011 Inner Landscapes, Galleri KC, Göteborg, Sweden.
2010 Inner Landscapes, Swop Art, Stockholm, Sweden.
2010 Inner Landscapes, Uniart @ House Of Win Win, Göteborg, Sweden.
2010 Inner Landscapes, Galleri K, Västerås, Sweden.
2010 Inner Landscapes, Södra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden.
2009 Fusion, Handmade, Nyköping, Sweden (with Tapani Björkbacka).
2009 Galleri HotSpot, Västerås, Sweden.
2008 Utställningshallen, Köping, Sweden.
2007 Stenhuset, Surahammar, Sweden.
2006 The Basement, Västerås, Sweden.
2006 Galleri Benfield-White, Ängelsberg, Sweden.
2006 Galleri Andersson, Riddarhyttan, Sweden.
2005 Stadsbiblioteket, Västerås, Sweden.
2004 Konstnärsföreningen, Västerås, Sweden.


2022 ArtFairLustarnasTrädgård, curated by ArtMobile at Västerås Konsthall, Sweden.
2022 Coronasamlingen – Statens konstråds nyförvärv, curated by Patrick Amsellem,
director of Public Art Agency Sweden. Havremagasinet länskonsthall, Boden, Sweden.
2021-2022 Vintersalong, Katrineholms Konsthall, Sweden.
2021 L-O-C-A-L-
I-S-M, Punkt, Västerås, Sweden.
2021 B-SIDE, BLINDSIDE, Melbourne, Australia.
2021 ArtFairAnimism, curated by ArtMobile at Västerås Konsthall, Sweden.
2019 The 2nd Masters Fall Exhibition, Gallery of the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Sweden.
2019 Fragile: the 2nd Röbäck Biennale, curated by Audrius Pocius at Kulturmejeriet, Umeå, Sweden.
2019 VictorianArtFairytales, curated by ArtMobile at Västerås Konsthall, Sweden.
2019 It Looks Good On Paper, Gallery of the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Sweden.
2019 No New Media, Galleri Alva, Umeå, Sweden.
2019 Lights - High Coast Art Festival, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.
2018-2019 Decembersalong, Katrineholms Konsthall, Sweden.
2018 Ur aska, curated by Linda Wallenberg at Västerås konstmuseum, Sweden.
2018 Tonight's the Night, Gallery of the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Sweden.
2018 Face to Face, BlackCat Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2017 ExitArtFair, curated by ArtMobile at Galleri K, Västerås, Sweden.
2017 New Contemporary Art Museum, Bachelor exhibition - University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art, Norway.
2016 Revelation, Ytan, Västerås, Sweden.
2016 DaDaArtFair, curated by ArtMobile at Galleri K, Västerås, Sweden.
2016 Supermarket Art Fair (Ytan booth), Stockholm, Sweden.
2015 Video Nacht Klub, La Tricoterie, Brussels, Belgium.
2015 Ytan, Västerås, Sweden.
2015 B_L_I_N_K_K_K_K Festival #1, Brussels Art Department, Belgium.
2014 Ritual, Kalmar konstmuseum, Sweden.
2013 Travershallen, Augélimuseet, Sala, Sweden.
2012 Handmade, Nyköping, Sweden.
2012 LOGIK 12:2, Västerås, Sweden.
2012 WHAT A MESS! art fair, Hydrogenfabrikken kunsthall, Fredrikstad, Norway.
2012 LOGIK 12:1, Västerås, Sweden.
2012 ArtMobile OpenArt, Västerås, Sweden.
2011-2012 Uniart, Göteborg, Sweden.
2011-2012 5 stipendiater, Västerås konstmuseum, Sweden.
2011 alt_cph11, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2011 Supermarket Art Fair (ArtMobile booth), Stockholm, Sweden.
2010 ArtMobile OpenArt, Västerås, Sweden.
2009 Virsbo Konsthall, Sweden.
2007 Best Of The Basement, The Basement, Västerås, Sweden.
2007 Västmanlandskonstnärer, Virsbo Konsthall, Sweden.
2006 Foto Fokus Västmanland, Västerås konstmuseum, Sweden.
2006 Galleri Benfield-White, Ängelsberg, Sweden.
2003 Culturen, Västerås, Sweden.


2017 Cowwarr Art Space, Victoria, Australia.


2021 Region Västmanland - kulturstipendium (culture grant).
2011 Västerås Stad - kulturstipendium (culture grant).
2010 Konstnärsföreningen, Västerås - konststipendium (art grant).

REPRESENTED (public collections)

2022 Region Västmanland (x2)
2022 Katrineholms kommun (Katrineholm's municipality) (x1)
2021 Statens Konstråd (Public Art Agency Sweden) (x2)
2019 Katrineholms kommun (Katrineholm's municipality) (x2)
2011 Västra Götalandsregionen (x6)
2008 Region Västmanland (x1)