I was born 1980 in Västerås, Sweden, and I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

I do not work with a specific medium. The idea and concept for each project
determines the choice of mediums and materials that I use.

Thematically, I usually deal with the (human) body - physical or social - as well as
the corresponding ideas of consumption, excess, and transformation.

I've worked on several artist run gallery projects, including The Basement
in Västerås (2005-2007). I've also worked with co-arranging larger exhibitions,
done jury work and various curating jobs.

I'm a member of BUS.


2014-2017 Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway (Bachelor of Fine Arts).
2016 Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland Oregon, USA (Exchange semester - Intermedia Department).
2013-2014 Ölands Folkhögskola, Sweden (Konstskolan 2).
2005-2006 Skinnskattebergs Folkhögskola, Sweden (Estetisklinje).


2017 "Oz-cillations", Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2016 "Head Swap >< Swap Head", Ytan, Västerås, Sweden.
2016 "Unearthing", Tethered Cord, Portland, Oregon, USA (with Margaret Parsons).
2015 "Absorbia", Galleri Fisk, Bergen, Norway.
2014 "I'll Be Your Mirror", Arvika Konsthall, Sweden.
2013 "MASKED / UNMASKED", Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5, Oslo, Norway (with Simone Kuhs).
2012 "Isolation Nation / Whitescapes", Galleri K, Västerås, Sweden.
2011 Travershallen, Augélimuseet, Sala, Sweden (with Simone Kuhs).
2011 Handmade, Nyköping, Sweden (with Simone Kuhs).
2011 "Inner Landscapes", Galleri KC, Göteborg, Sweden.
2010 "Inner Landscapes", Swop Art, Stockholm, Sweden.
2010 "Inner Landscapes", Uniart @ House Of Win Win, Göteborg, Sweden.
2010 "Inner Landscapes", Galleri K, Västerås, Sweden.
2010 "Inner Landscapes", Södra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden.
2009 "Fusion", Handmade, Nyköping, Sweden (with Tapani Björkbacka).
2009 Galleri HotSpot, Västerås, Sweden.
2008 Utställningshallen, Köping, Sweden.
2007 Stenhuset, Surahammar, Sweden.
2006 The Basement, Västerås, Sweden.
2006 Galleri Benfield-White, Ängelsberg, Sweden.
2006 Galleri Andersson, Riddarhyttan, Sweden.
2004 Konstnärsföreningen, Västerås, Sweden.


2017 "ExitArtFair", ArtMobile @ Galleri K, Västerås, Sweden.
2017 "New Contemporary Art Museum", Bachelor exhibition - Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway.
2016 "Revelation", Ytan, Västerås, Sweden.
2016 "DaDaArtFair", ArtMobile @ Galleri K, Västerås, Sweden.
2016 Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden.
2015 Video Nacht Klub, La Tricoterie, Brussels, Belgium.
2015 Ytan, Västerås, Sweden.
2015 B_L_I_N_K_K_K_K Festival #1, Brussels Art Department, Belgium.
2014 "Ritual", Kalmar konstmuseum, Sweden.
2013 Travershallen, Augélimuseet, Sala, Sweden.
2012 Handmade, Nyköping, Sweden.
2012 LOGIK 12:2, Västerås, Sweden.
2012 WHAT A MESS! art fair, Hydrogenfabrikken kunsthall, Fredrikstad, Norway.
2012 LOGIK 12:1, Västerås, Sweden.
2012 ArtMobile OpenArt, Västerås, Sweden.
2011-2012 Uniart, Göteborg, Sweden.
2011-2012 "5 stipendiater", Västerås konstmuseum, Sweden.
2011 alt_cph11, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2011 Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden.
2010 ArtMobile OpenArt, Västerås, Sweden.
2009 Virsbo Konsthall, Sweden.
2007 "Best Of The Basement", The Basement, Västerås, Sweden.
2007 "Västmanlandskonstnärer", Virsbo Konsthall, Sweden.
2006 "Foto Fokus Västmanland", Västerås konstmuseum, Sweden.
2006 Galleri Benfield-White, Ängelsberg, Sweden.
2003 Culturen, Västerås, Sweden.


2017 Cowwarr Art Space, Australia.


2011 Västerås Stad.
2010 Konstnärsföreningen, Västerås.

"Purity / Ritual" performance, 2015. Photo by Cecilie Bannow.