Recent History.

Series of 14 mixed-media works (paper and acrylic on cardboard). Personally, I see them as drawings.
35x25cm (each) + frame. They were made in solitude in my apartment during the pandemic, 2021.

Here are some of them exhibited at the group-exhibition L-O-C-A-L-I-S-M, in Punkt, Västerås, Sweden, 5-14 November 2021.

Can of Worms
I'm Falling Apart
I'm Sorry
There Is a Light (shitty image, sorry)
And You Can Have It All, My Empire of Dirt
The Monster Under the Bed
Gender Reveal
I Wish I Could Autotune My I-Love-You's
And Then, There He Was
Revenge Porn
This Is Not Relaxation
Water and Sunshine