FAUX RABBIT spins vinyl and projects curious videos (see this trailer on YouTube). (When there's no turntables, I spin mp3's).

Plays indie/alternative rock/neo-psychedelic/dream pop/post-punk/garage.

Currently based in Umeå, Sweden (but can play elsewhere). Available for bars/clubs/parties/weddings & bar mitzvahs.

Contact: fauxrabbit@gmail.com / +46762109553

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2019-02-02 Klubb Faux Rabbit, Gröna Älgen (in collaboration with Make It Sound), Umeå. 21:30-01:00. Facebook event here.
2019-02-15 Make It Sound at Droskan, Umeå. Live set by Avantgardet. 20:00-01:00. Facebook event here.
2019-03-23 Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm. These Modern Times release party.

Premiere for Klubb Faux Rabbit on 2 February 2019!